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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

1. Checked Bag Fees

Although a few airlines offer free checked bags, most do charge a fee. Expect to pay $25 or more for each bag. Some airlines charge more for a 2nd bag. Add to that a bag over 50 lbs. will garner an additional fee. So pack light and be sure to include these fees in your travel budget.

2. Mobile Phone Charges

Our phones are an essential travel tool. Staying connected with fellow travelers and loved ones back at home, connecting on social media and finding directions are a few of the ways we use our devices. How can we use our phones and avoid roaming charges? One way is to turn off data roaming. Another is to contact your mobile carrier before traveling to see what kind of data options are available. Some plans include data packages for out of network regions or charge a small fee. There are also a few apps where you can make calls or send texts,that use wi-fi and don't require data. Just search your carrier's app store for options.

3. Transportation Expenses

When you arrive at your destination will you need transportation to your lodging? Some hotels offer free shuttle service from the airport. All of them do not. Be sure to include the cost of a transfer service, taxi or ride share in your travel budget. Research local transportation costs if you plan on leaving the resort for sightseeing and excursions.

4. Tips

Having cash on hand is a necessity when traveling. There are a host of people that work hard to make your experience pleasurable. Along with servers and bartenders, you'll want to tip the bellman, doorman, concierge, valet, taxi and ride-share drivers and housekeeping. Keep in mind that you may need to exchange your currency for the local currency.

5. Travel Insurance

Many travelers decline travel insurance. There are multiple reasons why one shouldn't do that. Travel insurance can cover a multitude of incidents; medical emergencies, trip delays, interruptions and cancellations. The cost for coverage is a small percentage of your total travel package, usually less than $100. Coverage can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars if you actually need to use it. Your travel agent can quote multiple plan options at various price points.

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